The mystery has ended.

Thank you for participating in Mystery Of The City. We dived into the history and greatness of Nijmegen together. We enjoyed the ride and we hope you did too.

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The Mystery Of The City campaign was created for museum De Bastei in Nijmegen. The museum was searching for a way to reach students and let them know what the museum was about. Because of this, pr-agency Your Way Up created Mystery Of The City. During a period of 3 weeks,
students all over Nijmegen could search throught the city for different clue's. The first 50 people that solved the mystery received a Golden Ticket. With this ticket, they could enter the great finale on 28 november where they got a museumtour, beer tasting and a final quiz.
The winner of the quiz got awarded with €500. Museum De Bastei will continue with creating special events for students,
hoping they can bond more with this
type of audience.


We can’t say if this will be the case. For now, there are no plans of doing so.

We can’t guarantee that this campagin will make a comeback, but there are plans for more ‘Student activities’ at De Bastei. Keep an eye out for more information at their website:

If you have any questions or want to know more about the campagin, you can reach us at:

You can also send us a message on Instagram.